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Mistakes to Avoid After a Hit and Run Accident

A hit and run involves a driver hitting a pedestrian, another vehicle, a stationary object and escaping the scene without providing contact information, or any other information needed by the law enforcement after an accident. It is required by most state laws that contact information be provided even when the collision involves a stationary object or a pedestrian. In case the collision occurs when a driver hits a stationary vehicle while the other party is not there, and leaves the scene without providing contact information, it will still be considered a hit and run. The driver should leave a note with the required information.

Most drivers who lack car insurance are found guilty of hit and run. The requirements of minimum insurance are different in different states but they do cover property damage responsibility, bodily injuries as well as uninsured motorist protection. Some states consider it illegal to drive without car insurance. As a result, some drivers involved in hit and run accidents also flee because they fear that they might get in trouble for having no insurance.

What to avoid after a Hit and Run accident?

  • Do not worsen your situation after a hit and run by giving false statements either to the police or the insurance company.
  • Do not make a mistake of calling the police once you have left the scene without any exchange of information, not at least until you have consulted an attorney.
  • Do not talk to the police (if they come to your workplace or home after the accident) in the absence of your attorney.
  • Turning yourself in to the police is always a bad idea. Avoid being arrested at all times especially when you lack knowledge of real facts about the accident.
  • Never assume that you cannot escape hit and run charges at all.
  • Do not underestimate the advantage of getting help from an experienced attorney. An attorney may defend or even avoid charges from being filed.
  • In order to avoid losing any information about the accident, take photos of the scene and write down all the details while the memory is still fresh in your mind.
  • Do not be ashamed, embarrassed or fearful of taking action of contacting an attorney experienced in handling hit and run accidents. This is the only way you can get to learn about the available legal options.
  • If you have a good record, established career and a high-standard lifestyle, you are more likely to get positive results.
  • Providing statements to the insurance company is a bad idea especially without consulting your attorney.
  • It should be known to you that your car insurance carrier is not a friend of yours. They would never consider your best interests while making decisions regarding paying claims.
  • Rights and legal obligations should always be understood. Follow the strategy recommended by an experienced hit and run specialist.
  • Some steps that can help you solve your issue in the best possible way include consulting a competent hit and run attorney with a good record.
  • Never assume that you are not going to get any good news about your case. Always be proactive while defending your freedom and decent record. Being a pessimist will worsen your condition.
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