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Possible Arizona DUI Defenses

Possible Arizona DUI Defenses

Even though Arizona may have some of the most severe DUI penalties in the nation, no case is indefensible. The key to a strong Arizona DUI defense is to hire an experienced DUI Law Firm and a DUI Trial Attorney with a proven track record in DUI cases. When speaking with prospective legal counsel, ask about the firm’s DUI case victories and recent successes.


The experienced DUI lawyers at DMCantor know how to prepare a successful DUI defense that will be “Beyond Aggressive” in their defense against your charges of DUI, DWI or Extreme DUI in Arizona.  See David discuss multiple DUI defenses and penalties on the DMCantor YouTube channel.

Possible Arizona DUI Defenses:

  • No Reasonable Suspicion to Stop
  • No Actual Physical Control of Vehicle
  • No Probable Cause for Arrest
  • Acid Reflux / GERD affects breath test
  • Medication affects breath test
  • Denial of Right to Counsel
  • Retrograde Extrapolation (Below .08% BAC at Time of Driving)
  • Miranda Rights Violation
  • Search Warrant Validity
  • Exposing misleading police reports

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