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Mesa DUI Attorney: Aggressive & Experienced Defense

Mesa DUI Attorney: Aggressive & Experienced Defense

Watch this video of Mesa DUI Attorney and Board Certified DUI Specialist, David Michael Cantor, talk about being charged with a DUI in Mesa, AZ.


Have you been suspected or charged with DUI in Mesa, AZ? If you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Mesa, AZ, you can expect a significant punishment, regardless of the level of the offense (Misdemeanor or Felony). Individuals convicted of a first offense for driving under the influence (DUI) will receive, jail time, a substantial fine, and lifelong consequences. It is imperative that you hire a Mesa DUI lawyer to help mitigate the potential damage done by a DUI charge or conviction. We have had success in getting Mesa DUI charges reduced or dismissed altogether. If you need immediate help, please call our 24 hour emergency DUI lawyer helpline at (602) 560-4004.

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Arizona has increased drinking and driving penalties in the past two decades, and they now take this charge very seriously because it occurs all too often. The State of Arizona has set the blood alcohol content level for presumption of impairment at .08, however, the state can still charge you with being impaired for the slightest degree even if your BAC is below .08. There are many reasons to hire a drunk driving lawyer but chiefly among them is that an experienced Mesa DUI lawyer can help ensure that the defendant receives the best possible defense for their DUI/DWI charges. David Michael Cantor and his staff have over 2,300 DUI case victories and have years of experience representing clients in the Mesa Municipal Court. As stated before, the penalties for a DUI conviction in Mesa (or anywhere in Arizona) are very harsh. Here are the different levels of DUI charges in Mesa for a first offense DUI (click here for 2nd & 3rd offense DUI): First Offense Misdemeanor DUI/DWI (.08 – .149 BAC)

    • 10 Days Jail, Lose Driver’s License for 90 Days, Ignition Interlock for 1 year, Alcohol Screening and Classes, Fees and Fines over $1,500

First Offense Extreme DUI/DWI (.15 – .199 BAC)

    • 30 Days in Jail, Lose Driver’s License for 90 days, Ignition Interlock for 1 year, Alcohol Screening and Classes, Fees and Fines over $2,700

First Offense Super Extreme DUI (.20+ BAC)

    • 45 Days in Jail, Lose Driver’s License for 90 days, Ignition Interlock for 18 months, Alcohol Screening and Classes, Fines and Fees over $3,200

If you have been charges with an Aggravated (Felony) DUI for an arrest out of the City of Mesa, you face the following potential sentence for a first time Aggravated DUI: First Offense Aggravated DUI (3rd DUI in 7 Years, DUI when License is Suspended, & a DUI with a child under 15 years old in the Car)

    • A Felony Conviction = Loss of Civil Rights (Right to Vote & Bear Arms), minimum of 4 Months in Prison (for a 3rd DUI in 7 years or a DUI with a suspended license), Revocation of Driver’s License, Ignition Interlock for 2 years, Alcohol Assessment and Classes

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You need a DUI defense team that takes pride in knowing more about the type of DUI defense matters when faced with prosecution in Mesa Municipal Court. DMCantor will be “Beyond Aggressive” in your defense. To get a Free Consultation with a DUI defense Attorney, call our 24 hour DUI line at (602) 560-4004 or send us an email by using our secure and confidential web form.

Mesa Municipal Court: About the Judges and Location

Mesa Municipal Court

The Mesa Municipal Court is led by Presiding City Magistrate J. Matias and appointed Commissioner Richard Garcia. The Commissioner handles all civil traffic offenses. The remainder of court operations is provided by a team of judges. The court consists of six judges, including Judge Robin Allen, Judge Valerye Boyer-Wells, and Judge Michelle Lue Sang. The remaining members of the municipal court system are Judge Victor Ortiz, Judge Karl Eppich, and Judge Elizabeth Arriola. Here is a short video of David Cantor explaining what to expect at the Mesa Municipal Court and also a short review of the judges you might see:

Can a Mesa DUI Attorney Beat a DUI?

It is important for anyone facing a conviction for driving under the influence to seriously consider hiring an effective Mesa DUI defense attorney. Having a DUI attorney who knows the judges and has experience in the Mesa, AZ Municipal Court will provide you the best possible opportunity to present DUI defense tactics that work and it will help to resolve your case quickly by getting the charges reduced or even dismissed. The penalties for a first conviction are still significant, and an initial charge is possibly the most important to fight because it sets the stage for any subsequent charges. An intoxicated driving charge based on borderline blood alcohol content levels can be negotiated much easier than a second or third offense, depending on the circumstances. Our DUI defense team has over 2,300 documented DUI victories in Arizona and has been successful in litigation of DUI cases in Mesa Municipal Court. We’d really like to hear about your case.

 If you have a pending DUI case in Mesa, please call our offices at (602) 560-4004 to schedule a free consultation. You can also use our secure form to send us an email. The consultation will take about 30 minutes and we’ll ask you questions specific to your case.

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