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Five Effective Ways to Beat DUI Charges

According to a report published by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), although the number of deaths due to DUI have decreased in the past 30 years, however, still the figure is staggering. According to this report, nearly 30 people die every day in DUI related accidents. It further states that alcohol-related motorist accidents claim more than 10,000 lives per year….read more →

Effective Ways to Beat a DUI Conviction

In the US, over 99% of people who are pulled over due to driving under the influence, don’t know what to do and what not to do especially when a police officer suspects the drunk driver and interrogates. Being arrested for the DUI chargesis out of someone’s control as well as an unfortunate moment for the driver. However, there are…read more →

How Common are Daytime DUI in Arizona?

Are Daytime DUI’s Common in Arizona? Typically, when you think of people getting arrested for drunk driving, you would think that the person is driving at night. However, in recent years, more and more DUI charges are filed against people in Arizona during the daytime. To give an example, you could be at a Sunday Brunch having a few mimosas…read more →

What are the Different Types of DUI in Arizona?

Arizona driving under the influence (DUI) laws prohibit intoxicated drivers under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, or controlled substances from driving on Arizona highways. Driving under the influence in Arizona is driving while intoxicated by alcohol, marijuana, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, or prescription painkillers. A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 in an adult driver’s blood stream is illegally intoxicated. Underage…read more →

What to do if Pulled Over for DUI by Mesa DUI Task Force

Suspicion of driving under the influence can come with significant consequences, so it’s always best to make other arrangements for transportation if you’ve had too much to drink. The Arizona DUI Task Force is looking for impaired drivers across the state, meaning you could be targeted for a roadside checkpoint or pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Unfortunately, some…read more →

Why Do You Need To Hire An Accident Injury Attorney?

In this fast paced world, accidents are the new norm. People often over-stepped on someone’s lives and run away. This leave behind the injured person owns his own with regard to the injury expenses and medical cost coverage.  Hence in such a scenario, there is a dire need of an injury attorney, who can make sure that your medical expenses…read more →

Warrantless Non-Consensual Blood Draws In A DUI Case

In the state of Arizona, under A.R.S. §28- 1321, police are permitted to request a warrantless, non-consensual blood draw, from a DUI suspect who is unconscious. The blood draw may be unconstitutional if an individual’s rights are violated in the process. The Arizona Supreme Court recently ruled that the unconscious clause is permissible only when invoked non-routinely, under exigent circumstances…read more →

Extreme DUI Laws & Penalties In Scottsdale, AZ

An arrest for an Extreme or Super Extreme Driving Under the Influence or DUI charge in Scottsdale is a serious event that will have major implications on your future if you are convicted. After an arrest for an Extreme or Super DUI, it is imperative that you immediately contact a seasoned Extreme DUI defense attorney to protect your rights who…read more →

Beating An Aggravated DUI Prescription Drugs

In a recent Arizona DUI case, a defendant appealed his conviction for aggravated driving under the influence. The arrest occurred just after midnight when the police arrested him for driving under the influence and performed an inventory search of his car where they found a pill bottle that contained Oxycodone. The defendant was taken to the police station where he…read more →

Simple Tips To Avoid DUI Charges

According to statistics, incidents of drunk driving increase exponentially during the holidays. The average number of fatalities involving alcohol-impaired drivers rises by almost 40% between Christmas and New Year in the United States. The number of drivers, commuters and pedestrians flooding the roads for winter celebrations increases significantly and is accompanied by a high number of alcohol-impaired drivers. Over 40%…read more →

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