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Second Offense Super Extreme DUI Misdemeanor Penalties in Arizona

In Arizona, the penalties for driving under the influence increase with every violation. They also increase as a person’s blood alcohol content goes up. When a person’s BAC is .20 or above, according to §28-1382(D)(1) of the Arizona Revised Statutes, this is Super Extreme DUI. Though this violation is serious in its own right, the penalties get even stiffer when a person has had a DUI in the previous seven years.

Watch this short video where David discusses the Penalties for a 2nd Offense Super Extreme DUI:

Whenever you have these two contributing factors, you will face a minimum of six months in jail. The sentence is day for day, meaning that you’ll serve it in its entirety. Not only do you have to spend 6 months in jail, you’ll have to pay for the stay as well. You can expect close to $14,500 in jail costs and another $4,649 in fines and surcharges. In addition, you will need to complete an alcohol screening ($50) and attend 36 alcohol classes for a total of $585.

People convicted of a Second Offense Super Extreme DUI will also have their license suspended for one year. Once you finally get your license back, you’ll be required to use an Ignition Interlock device which requires a breath test before you can start the vehicle. Typical Ignition Interlock devices are expensive and will run approximately $2,400 for the two years you will be required to have it installed in your car. Once installed in your car, you’ll have to blow into the Ignition Interlock device to start the car and then every 15 minutes to keep it running.

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From an insurance perspective, you’ll see increased premiums. You may have to pay $3,000 per year or even higher for a three year period ($9,000) while you’re under the 3 year SR-22 requirement ($1,500). Your insurer will report to your local DMV that you’ve obtained the proper coverage, and this will cost even more money. And to top it all off, you will also be required to spend 30 hours doing community service.

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There are other important consequences that are often missed by those considering the risks, too. If you happen to have a commercial driver’s license, you’ll lose those CDL privileges. People in professions like nursing, the legal field, or medicine may lose their job, their license, or both. The consequences can be wide-stretching, and they can effect every part of your life.

Getting a Second Offense Super Extreme DUI is no small matter. The penalties are currently harsh, and the subsidiary effects are enough to make any driver think twice when deciding which attorney to hire.

In total, the sentence for a Second Offense Extreme DUI in Arizona include the following:

  • Insurance increase of $9,000
  • SR-22 Policy $500 per year: $1,500
  • A six-month jail sentence that’s served day for day: $14,500 in jail costs
  • Fines and Fees: $4,649
  • Alcohol Screening and Classes: $50 for Screening, $585 for Classes
  • Ignition Interlock Device $1,200 per year: $2,400
  • 30 hours of community service
  • Loss of your license for 1 year

The consequences for a Second Offense Super Extreme DUI in Arizona are very harsh. In order to mitigate these punishments you will need a highly skilled and qualified defense lawyer on your side. Please review our DUI case victories. We offer Free Case Consultations and we would like the opportunity to review your case. To schedule your Free Consultation please call our offices at (602) 307-0808 or you can send us an email using our secure form.

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