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ARS §28-1381(K): Second Offense Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona

A person who is convicted of a second offense DUI in Arizona (ARS §28-1381(K)) within 7 years of their first DUI, will need the assistance of an experienced DUI attorney. The DUI laws in Arizona are strict enough that you’ll have a high probability of spending time in jail for this second offense DUI. The judge has a right to sentence anyone charged with a second DUI offense to 90 days in jail. However, if the person agrees to take an alcohol class, he or she may only have to physically do 30 days of the sentence. Spending time in jail means the possibly losing one’s job or professional accreditation.

David Cantor explains the penalties for a 2nd Offense Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona:

2nd DUI in Arizona ARS §28-1381(K): Penalties

With a conviction of a second offense DUI in Arizona, you’ll have to pay a whole host of fines and penalties. One of the penalties is to complete 36 alcohol classes at an expense of $585 and also includes an alcohol screening for $50. You will also be responsible for $3,500 worth of fines, surcharges and assessments as well. If you choose to drive legally after a 1 year driver’s license revocation, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed for a year at a cost of $1,200. In addition to all the previously stated expenses, the person will also have to hand over an additional $3,000 per year for 3 years ($9,000) in raised car insurance premiums and 3 years of an SR-22 insurance policy at $500 per year ($1,500).

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Let us review the costs associated with a second offense charge of Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona:

  • 90 Days in Jail with 60 days possibly suspended: Jail fees- $2,500
  • Alcohol screening-$50
  • 36 Alcohol classes – $585
  • Fines, assessments and misc. surcharges-$3,500
  • Ignition Interlock Device-$1,200
  • SR-22 Automobile insurance Policy-$1,500
  • Additional Car Insurance premiums-$9,000

If you choose to continue driving legally, the total cost of a Second Offense Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona is: $18,335.

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