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Second Offense Felony Aggravated DUI Penalties in Arizona

A second offense Aggravated DUI (ARS §28-1383) is a very serious felony in the State of Arizona. If you have any prior felonies on your record, even if it was not a drunk driving charge and happened many years ago, you could be convicted of another felony charge. This type of conviction could keep you from getting certain types of jobs and even qualifying for financial aid to go back to school. In Arizona, a second offense felony Aggravated DUI (ARS §28-1383) is similar in seriousness to a charge of child molestation and carries the same type of strict penalties.

David Cantor explains the penalties for 2nd Offense Felony Aggravated DUI Penalties:


In addition to the stigma of having a prior felony conviction, if you have a second offense felony Aggravated DUI charge in the State of Arizona; you may also spend from two and a half to seven and a half years in prison with the average sentence being four and a half years. In most cases you will lose your license for three years and once the suspension is complete, you will need to install an ignition interlock system on your car for $2,400 over two years. This system requires that you blow into the device every fifteen minutes or the vehicle will shut off. This will need to be in place for at least two years and every ninety days you must take the car to have the system tested.

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In addition to the ignition interlock system, your automobile insurance rates will dramatically increase. You will be required to obtain an SR-22 policy with your car insurance, the cost is $500 a year for 3 years ($1,500) You can also expect your car insurance rates will increase to about $3,000 a year for a total of at least $9,000 over a three year period.

In summary, the punishment for a second time Aggravated DUI is:

  • 2.25 to 7.5 years in PRISON, 4.5 years in PRISON is the average sentence
  • Driver’s License Revocation 3 years
  • Interlock Ignition Device: $2,400
  • SR-22 Insurance Policy $500 per year for 3 years: $1,500
  • Car Insurance Policy increase $3,000 per year for 3 years: $9,000

After calculating the costs for court fees and fines, insurance increases, and additional requirements on your vehicle, you will be paying over $12,900 over the next several years after you get out of prison if you are convicted of a second offense felony Aggravated DUI. When you consider the amount of money in lost wages, you will recognize how devastating this conviction can be to you and your family.

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If you, or someone you love, is facing a second offense felony Aggravated DUI, contact an attorney whose practice emphasizes these types of charges, and it may be possible to have the charge reduced. A reduction to a first offense DUI will end up saving you thousands of dollars in fees and equipment charges in addition to releasing you from a “prior felony conviction” that will follow you for the rest of your life. If you are facing charges like this, please give our offices a call at (602) 307-0808 to get a Free Case Review.

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