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ARS §28-1382(A): First Time Extreme DUI Punishment in Arizona

In the State of Arizona, ARS §28-1382(A) is an Extreme driving under the influence (DUI) charge is any DUI in which your blood alcohol content registers between .150 and .199. This Extreme DUI will be charged as a first offense, so long as you do not have any other DUI convictions in the past seven years.

David Cantor explains the punishment for a first time Extreme DUI in Arizona (ARS §28-1382(A)):

Penalty for Extreme DUI Arizona – ARS §28-1382(A)

There are mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines that Arizona judges must follow. It does not matter that you may have a family to support, a job to keep, or a house to pay for—you will be sent to jail as punishment if you are convicted of this charge. Thirty days in jail is the least amount of time a person convicted of extreme DUI in Arizona will be sentenced to on a first offense. If a convicted individual chooses to have an ignition interlock system installed into his or her vehicle right away, then 21 days of that sentence can be suspended. This means at the very least, a person convicted of a first time Extreme DUI will serve nine days behind bars.

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For an individual who does not have an ignition interlock system immediately installed, spending 30 days in jail will end up costing $2,500. Additionally, you will be required to obtain a substance abuse screening, which costs $50, and 36 hours worth of classes, which cost $585. Your license will be suspended for a minimum period of three months. If you intend on driving legally once you are released from jail, you will then be required to have an ignition interlock system in your vehicle, if you did not already have one installed. This installation costs approximately $1,200.

There are also additional costs relative to your car insurance. After conviction it will be necessary for you to obtain an SR-22 policy for your car insurance. This means you will be paying $500 per year for the insurance company to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles if your vehicle insurance happens to lapse. You must keep this up for three years ($1,500).

Also, even the cheapest motor vehicle insurance you can find will end up costing you at least $3,000 more per year for three years ($9,000). You will be required to keep insurance on your vehicle, and it will be reported if your insurance coverage lapses.

Now, let us review the consequences of a first time Extreme DUI in Arizona:

  • Thirty days in jail–$2,500
  • Substance abuse screening–$50
  • Court fines and costs–2,787
  • Alcohol classes for 36 hours–$585
  • Ignition interlock system installation–$1,200
  • SR-22 for three years–$1,500
  • Increased car insurance premiums for three years–$9,000

The total cost of a first offense Extreme DUI after serving thirty days in jail and driving legally for the next few years: $17,622

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In addition to the large amount of money coming out of your pocket after this sort of a conviction, there are other consequences. If your job is one that requires you to be licensed, such as a nurse, doctor, lawyer or airline pilot, you will most likely have that license suspended and therefore lose your job.

It is very important to contact a qualified DUI defense attorney to handle this sort of matter. Our firm has been able to have similar charges reduced in a plea agreement, or have cases thrown out altogether. In some instances if the case goes to trial, a defendant can be found innocent with exceptional legal representation combined with a weak case from the prosecution. Flawed investigations are common, and an experienced attorney will use that to your advantage.

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