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ARS §28-1381(A)(2): First Offense DUI Misdemeanor Penalties in Arizona

David Cantor explains the punishments for a 1st Offense Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona (ARS §28-1381(A)(2)):

In the state of Arizona, getting caught driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can end in jail time and a heap of fines and other high costs. Per ARS §28-1381(A)(2) (also referred as ARS 28-1381 A2), the charge of a Misdemeanor DUI has many variables that the state must consider before charging someone. First, the level of alcohol in the blood determines if the driver is intoxicated to an unacceptable level. The Intoxilyzer breath test or blood test determines this amount. Anyone who returns a reading of .08 percent to .149 percent on a testing device will be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Follow this link to read more about a DUI with Drugs in Arizona.

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First Offense DUI Misdemeanor (A.R.S. 28-1381(A)(2)) Penalty

Driving under the influence is a class 1 misdemeanor for a first time offender. The sentence carries a minimum jail term of 10 days, but some offenders can escape 90 percent of the sentence by signing up for an alcohol-screening program and classes.

A first time DUI charge causes a person more pain financially than it does personally. Someone who is convicted of such an offense may have to pay a fine plus additional surcharges and assessment fees that add up to approximately $1,500. The price of spending one day in a correctional facility can cost you $130. The price for the alcohol screening is $50. In addition to the alcohol screening, the convicted person would have to spend about $585 for 36 alcohol classes that the courts might order him or her to take. If the courts assign an interlock ignition device to be placed on your steering wheel in order to start your car, which would cost $1,200 for one year.

So let’s review the consequences of a first time misdemeanor DUI:

  • Standard Court Fines and Surcharges- $1,537
  • Jail Expenses- $130
  • Screening for Alcohol- $50
  • Alcohol Classes- $585
  • Interlock Device- $1,200
  • Insurance Policy- $1,500
  • Extra Car Insurance Premiums- $9,000

The total cost for a First Offense Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona is: $14,002

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