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Extreme DUI Arrests in Arizona Highlight Cinco de Mayo 2013

The State of Arizona Governor’s Office for Highway Safety recently concluded a DUI Task Force for the entire state over the 2013 Cinco de Mayo holiday weekend. The DUI checkpoints were scheduled from May 1 – May 6 and Of the 6,581 traffic stops, 460 arrests were DUI related.

Of the most severe DUI arrests, 148 were for Extreme DUI (.15 BAC or higher). In 2012, the Governor’s Office for Highway Safety reported 134 arrests for Extreme DUI during the same period.

In 2013, there were also 53 people were arrested for Aggravated DUI. An Aggravated DUI comes with other qualifying factors when compared to the other Arizona DUI Charges.

Of the people arrested, 53 had previous criminal charges and 14 were arrested for Underage DUI.

According to the Governor’s office, 1,205 officers participated in the task force across the State of Arizona.


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h/t to Fox Phoenix.

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