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What You Should Do & Not Do When Pulled Over for DUI

This is a Guest Post from the Bloomfield Law Group. The sight of flashing lights of a police patrol car behind you is quite alarming and confusing the moment you discover you are being pulled over for a traffic violation on the road. What you do and what you don’t do after you’re pulled over is important. You may avoid…read more →

DUI Statistics For 2012

America has spent billions of dollars on national ad campaigns to discourage drinking and driving. In 2006, the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) introduced a new slogan, “Over the Limit, Under Arrest.” The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) sponsored several television ads saying, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Even with all this increased media awareness, several states in the…read more →

DUI charge for future SF archbishop

The man set to become the next archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco was arrested Saturday in San Diego on suspicion of drunken driving as he was taking his elderly mother home after having dinner with friends.Oakland Diocese Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, 56, was headed along San Diego State University’s southern edge when he encountered a sobriety checkpoint,…read more →

Labor Day DUI arrests close to 400 in Arizona

Looks like Arizona police were pretty busy this last week with almost 400 DUI arrests. So far these numbers are down from 2011 which saw 617 DUI related arrests. If you or someone you know was arrested for DUI please call the DMCantor now to get a free consultation at 602-307-0808. From Police statewide have arrested nearly 400 people…read more →

Kiwi gets arrested for DUI and urinating on breathalyzer

New Zealand’s Ryan Scott Thompson just may put the “wee” in “Kiwi” after urinating on 300 breathalyzer tubes during a sobriety test. Thompson, 26, a forklift operator from Christchurch, was arrested by authorities for drunk driving after smashing into the living room of an elderly woman in July, according to the Star Canterbury. An alcohol breath test at the police…read more →

Catholic Preist Suspended after Naked DUI

The Archdiocese of Detroit has put Rev. Peter Petroske under indefinite suspension after allegedly driving naked and drunk through Dearborn, Michigan. Rev Petroske has been a pastor of Sacred Heart parish, and Catholic Church, since 2008. He was arrested late Thursday night, according to the Detroit News, and is facing charges of disorderly/obscene conduct and operating a vehicle while intoxicated….read more →

California Assemblyman DUI Court Date Set

The DUI trial for a California state assemblyman is to start in just over a week. Assemblyman Roger Hernandez was originally scheduled for today but was moved back at the request of his defense lawyers. Part of the reason for this was due to a continuance to have a hearing about suppressing some of the evidence that the State was…read more →

NFL Player Marshawn Lynch Charged with DUI

Recently NFL Player Marshawn Lynch was charged with a DUI. However his defense attorney feels there is a case to be argued that the blood alcohol tests were done improperly. With any case the burden of proof is always on the prosecution’s shoulders. In the US all of us are innocent until proven guilty. In a DUI case the proof…read more →

What to do if pulled over for DUI.

David Michael Cantor, and AV rated Criminal Defense Attorney, talks about Arizona DUI laws and what to do if you are pulled over. This video is a great example of David’s intense passion for law and insights into how Arizona’s DUI laws are different than anywhere else. If you are driving a car in Arizona this is priceless information that…read more →

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