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Halloween DUI Task Force 2013 in Arizona

People really love to go out and party for Halloween. Whether they are at a house party, going to bars, or just hanging out with neighbors or friends, Halloween is one of those holidays that really brings out fun times. One word of caution, don’t end up like this:   If you have been out drinking during Halloween and dressed…read more →

DUI Defense: No Reasonable Suspicion to Stop

If you’ve been pulled over by a police officer and eventually charged with a DUI, you may wonder, “Why me? What made me stand out?” If the officer is abiding by the law, then the officer must have had a “reasonable suspicion” in order to stop or detain you. If the officer didn’t have a reasonable suspicion, any evidence obtained…read more →

Temporary Driver’s Permit in Arizona Post-DUI Arrest

David Cantor explains how you can still drive after a DUI arrest:   If you have been arrested for DUI in the state of Arizona, it doesn’t mean you will immediately lose your driving privileges. In some cases, a law enforcement officer may take away your driver’s license and hand you a pink and a yellow piece of paper that…read more →

Aggravated DUI with Child in Car Punishment

In the State of Arizona, if a driver is found guilty of DUI with a Child in their Vehicle as a passenger, it is known as an “Aggravated DUI with Child in Car.” It is a felony that carries penalties that are more severe than a standard DUI, which is a misdemeanor. David Cantor explains the punishments in Arizona for…read more →

Third Time Extreme DUI Penalties Arizona

In Arizona, a DUI is considered an Extreme DUI offense if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is between .150 and .199. A third offense simply means that you have been convicted for any DUI two times in the last seven years, regardless of your BAC. David Cantor explains a Third Offense Extreme DUI in Arizona:   If you are convicted…read more →

Third Time Felony Aggravated DUI in Arizona

A third time felony Aggravated DUI (ARS §28-1383) is a very serious charge in Arizona. An individual will be charged with a third offense felony Aggravated DUI if he has any prior felony convictions, regardless of whether or not those convictions were Aggravated DUIs. For instance, if an individual has been previously convicted of theft and possession of marijuana and…read more →

Second Offense Felony Aggravated DUI Penalties in Arizona

A second offense Aggravated DUI (ARS §28-1383) is a very serious felony in the State of Arizona. If you have any prior felonies on your record, even if it was not a drunk driving charge and happened many years ago, you could be convicted of another felony charge. This type of conviction could keep you from getting certain types of…read more →

ARS §28-1383(A): First Felony Aggravated DUI Punishment in Arizona

An Aggravated DUI (ARS §28-1383(A)) refers to any driving under the influence charge that is the third offense within a seven year time frame. For instance, drivers that have been charged with a DUI five years ago, three years ago, and presently, will be facing first offense felony Aggravated DUI charges. In addition, Aggravated DUI charges may result from an…read more →

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